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Photo shows our original, hand-built, gruvin9x v4.1 prototype RC controller board.

Gruvin9X Open Source Projects Online Store

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gProg and SD-Card interface boards are still available, hand built to order.

You can still build your own G9X board!

The G9X v4.x boards are fully supported by Open-TX. Full design data (KiCAD) for the final version (v4.2d) is available here.

PCB's can be ordered ecconmically from ITead Studio (or your preferred prototype PCB supplier) by supplying them the Gerber files from within this zip file.


We were apparently the first to create a replacement board for the Turnigy/Flysky/iMax 9X radios. The Er9x folks followed, with a more powerful, 32-bit ARM based controller (also discontinued.)

Our original goal was simply to make it easier to add telemetry and other interfaces, which were already supported by er9x firmware. Er9x began essentially an English language fork from the original th9x project, where all of this got started.

Our gruvin9x firmware project was suspended, handing over all firmware development to the open9x team. Open9x ended up supporting a number of other radio platforms and so assumed the more generic name, openTx.

Later, a Chinese company named Fr-Sky stepped up to produce their excellent Taranis X9D RC transmitter and subsequents models. The Taranis comes with Fr-Sky's own tested version of openTx. But it is also user re-programmable to the latest open source, community supported version of openTx.

The Taranis boasts higher overall quality than any of the '9X radios we were using and costs significantly less than our retro-fitted versions -- including the latest Fr-Sky two-way telemetry digital RC transmitter/receiver system. Clearly therefore, it is no longer economical to produce or use our G9X boards. Of course, we remain proud to have played a small part in the history leading up to a great product for RC enthusiasts.

There are also a growing number of enthusiasts who still prefer to, "roll their own" openTx compatible transmitter, usually on top of the Arduino Mega, which uses the same ATmega2560 MCU as the G9X v4.x boards.

We considered for some time the idea of creating a bare bones featured, G9X compatible board, redesigned to use more modern and economical components, including a more readily available LCd screen. But the required demand to make such a board economically viable was never realised. A similar idea for a read-to-go Arduino Mega shield was abandonned for the same reasons. But there's there's nothing to stop from you from buildng your own!

About this online store

This online store was originally set up to facilitate sales of items relating to the open source gruvin9x, custom controller board project and its related accessories. The store no longer sells the G9X board. But other products are still available.

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We are a small group of electronics enthusiats -- not a large company. Our products are intended for developmental, recreational and experiemental use by knowledgable electronics enthusiasts/hobbyists only. As such, most of our products do not hold any safety, environmental or other certification and indeed may not comply with same. For this reason, we must urge you to exercise responsible care, usage and disposal practices. All products from this site MUST be purchased and used solely at your own risk. No exceptions.  Please feel free to contact us using the contact link at the top of thesite, should youhave any questions. Thank you for understanding.